Discover How To Stop Radiator Leaks With A Lincoln Park Auto Repair Company

June 4, 2014

When your radiator is leaking, you may not get very far down the road. Once you discover that you have a leak, you should do something about it as soon as possible. Here are some helpful tips from your Lincoln Park auto repair professionals to keep you on the road.

Always check the radiator or coolant bottle any time you check the oil or inspect the motor. You should not lose much coolant over time, and if the level is low, you know there is a leak somewhere within the system. Coolant leaks may be coming from the radiator.

Your car’s radiator could be losing coolant without your knowledge. Some leaks only occur while the water pump is moving and the motor is running. If you notice any unusual odors coming from the motor, this could be a sign that antifreeze is leaking and evaporating.

Not all radiator leaks come from radiators. For example, the bottom hose or reservoir hose could have a split or crack and this would cause coolant to leak down the hose and onto the radiator. Problems like these may be temporarily repaired if you keep duct or electrical tape in the car. Tape can be wrapped around leaking hoses, and may give you the extra time you need for repairs.

If you have a significant leak in a radiator, leak stopping products usually work. Yet, it is best to only use these products for temporary repairs. In fact, some leak stoppers may actually do more harm than good over time, as they can cause corrosion to develop in the cooling system.

Once you notice a leak in your car’s radiator, contact your Lincoln Park automotive shop. They are more than happy to check out your cooling system and give you a complete estimate for the repairs. You can rest assured that your problems will be solved when you leave your car in the hands of experienced technicians.

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