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May 31, 2014

Music requires something unique for the fans to feed on. This is an aspect that is clear to Kosmoratik band and can be seen in each one of their tracks. They have mastered the art of layering in order to give depth to their music. It gives the track a new sense of depth and allows every word to communicate something different. The pioneers of this band were Eivind, Lise Lotte and Gunner Odd who started as an experimental group. They are based in Oslo, from where they have been operating since 2011.

The first album hit the airwaves in spring of 2012 and was received positively by pundits. The number of fans won by this album ensured that their concerts in different cities were full to capacity. The album, entitled Gravitation was a combination of classic rock and symphonic rock. It was rated as epic with dominant sounds being string quartet, acoustic guitar and oboe. Professionalism in combining the sounds has brought out a rare classical element and won the band a larger following.

Fans wanted more music from them after the release of their first album. This pressure and success from the first album has fueled production of the second album under the title Bridges and boats. It has maintained the epic, symphonic and classical element that distinguishes the group. The band has taken the experiment further by trying out the 60s and 70s rock feel. The melodies are carefully selected and so are the words. Professional arrangement and melody patterns complete the incredible package.

The themes handled in songs by this group are deep and a bit complex. The concept of layering has been fully exploited giving each song or lyric a double meaning. The second album still incorporates the element of classical and symphonic rock leading to very addictive music. Bridges and Boats shows an incredible improvement and mastery of what was experimented in the first album.

A pivotal member of the pioneering team is Johansen whose contribution cannot be understated. He has mastered the art of arranging for string instruments to produce the most incredible music. He produces something unique in every song through a combination of different sounds and layering them. This creates a ballad with world beating qualities.

Gunner Odd is an instrumentalist specializing in guitar. He also assists Johansen with arranging with the pair mastering the classical symphonic pop feel. Lisa Lotte is an excellent and seasoned vocalist who performed on major world stages before settling with the band. Her natural talent allows her to switch from alternate rock to classic jazz with no difficulty whatsoever. Her voice is distinct and endearing to listeners, especially her wide vocal range.

Gravitation raised the level of expectations from the second album. The fans who were attracted by the first album waited eagerly for the second. The inspiring artists for members of this team include John Martyn and Nick Drake. They cite their style as unique and progressive. As a group, they seek to be as successful as the Beatles who ruled their generation.

The lyrics in both Gravitation and Bridges and Boats are laced with a high dose of poetry. This is inspired by the works of such poets as Rumi and Hafez. Fans listen to their music online or by downloading from online stores. The music is as a result of professional composition, deep thought and a unique approach during production.

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