Choosing The Right Rhinestone Chokers

May 29, 2014

The term rhinestone refers to rock crystals. These rock crystals were extracted from the river Rhine and thus they were literally stones from the river Rhine. The stones shine and resemble diamonds and are used for a number of purposes, everything from costumes to car wheels. A great example of stylish jewellery you may want to purchase are rhinestone chokers.

In modern times glass and other materials are used rather than extracted stones from a river bed. These materials are shaped in a similar way to diamonds so that you get similar cuts and a similar shine to using a real diamond. They are often used in place of real diamonds because to use real diamonds would be far too expensive. However less expensive does not necessarily need to mean something that does not look effective.

After they were discovered the stones were then reshaped and cut. They were placed into jewellery in much the same way as a diamond would do. Indeed a lot of people still use rhinestones instead of diamonds due to their shine and the fact that it can be hard for people to spot the difference.

A choker is worn high on the neck. The item has an interesting history with numerous people using them to send coded messages. For example in revolutionary France red ones were often worn in order to show sympathy to people who had been unfairly executed. Throughout history they have been associated with social groups who wanted to identify themselves.

A choker is a necklace that is worn high on the neck. It can often be used as a way of complementing what people wear. For example if you wear a turtleneck sweater it can look a bit severe. Adding a choker can complement the sweater and the additional shine of the stones can add a bit of brightness.

When choosing jewellery it is important to consider what you are wearing. Another aspect is whether it goes with your complexion or hair. For example if you have larger hair it is often better to go with a thinner item of jewellery as it is a bit more subtle than having chunkier items.

If you do want to wear thicker items of jewellery a choker is often a better alternative to thicker metal. The reason is that thicker items can often come across as more aggressive. This is fine if this is the kind of image you are going for but at times you may want a choker to tone it down, possibly using leather or some form of fabric with a jewel rather than metal. If you are unsure of whether or not the item is right for you then you should go to a store and ask to look at some items, comparing them to something you want to wear.

As with any form of material there are materials of varying degrees of quality. It is important to check customer reviews in order to compare both the chokers and the companies and independent designers that supply them. If you cannot see what you like it may also be possible to find a custom designer to create a commission that suits your specific needs. Use your regular search engine to find out more as well as getting feedback from people who have ordered chokers in the past to find the ideal one for you.

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