Choosing Between Different Violin Chinrest Styles

July 14, 2014

Chin rests have been used to free the left hand so that the violin player can concentrate on strings. There are different violin chinrest styles that enhance the quality of sound produced. This accessory has transformed the way this instrument is used. It is acquired as a customized addition to violins depending on personal preference for each player.

Each player has a different style which is determined by the music and training. The right choice of a rest will help in mastery of technical skills and improve sound production for the instrument. Supporting your instrument well helps to improve balance between the left hand and collarbone. This is necessary for mastery of technical skills.

It is possible to identify instances where the chin rest is not properly positioned. The violinist experiences body aches as well as clenching challenges. This is easily observed after a prolonged time with your instrument. The violin exerts unnecessary pressure because it is positioned at the same place for too long.

Any discomfort during play should alert you of a challenge with positioning. Tilting the head to the right or left in order to accommodate positioning is not the best approach. It makes it difficult to master technical skills and affects your professionalism. This position is not natural and will hinder the player from performing maximally.

Sound quality should be considered when choosing any style. The positioning of this instrument varies from one individual to the other. Players in the classic era did not use caps. The emergence of caps has brought flexibility and dexterity into instrumentation. It makes the fingering board easier to access.

It is advisable that violinists with oily skins should use caps. This is aimed at protecting the board from damage as the varnish is eaten away. Personal preference plays a crucial part in determining the style to be used. There are clear differences from one style to the next and interpretations of comfort.

Identifying the right cap and getting a perfect position requires time. Some violinists clip the rest on the left while others choose the center. It depends on individual style. A violinist should test the positions during practice with the guidance of an experienced instrumentalist. This will help him find the best position for each song or style of play.

A free left hand gives room for improvement of technical skills. The neck and jaw are not under pressure. This is necessary in mastering fingering skills. It makes the violinist a better player. The appearance of a bump on your neck should not cause any alarm since this does not change the features on your face.

Sound quality and its production are affected by how the chin rest is clipped. Eating too much into the body reduces vibration which in turn affects sound depth and resonance. It should be the concern of every violinist that clipping is done to perfection. The caps have been effectively used to adapt instruments that are either too small or too big.

Violinists have used chin rests to make their instruments fashionable. This is achieved through choice of complementary patterns or colors. This must be done in moderation to preserve sound quality.

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