Car Window Tinting Richmond VA

July 24, 2014

The use of tints in cars is done for a number of reasons for different people. A large number of people do it so as to reduce the heat getting into the car during hot days. When windows are tinted, there will be a 78 percent reduction in heat compared to if there was no tinting. The other problem that most car owners experience is the fading that is caused by various weather elements. Such fading can be reduced through tinting. When going for car window tinting Richmond VA residents have a lot to gain.

Many are the times when people have to put up with glare. Glare is caused by many aspects- direct sunlight, reflections from snow or surrounding buildings or from water. This can be solved using tints, with the right films. Tinting also helps to enhance comfort and save energy. One does not have to live with temperature imbalances due to presence of extreme shade or sun. This would limit the use of interior space.

In the event of accidents, there is a great risk to passengers from shattered glasses. Such breakage of glasses may also be caused by vandalism or from environmental effects. When windows are tinted, these effects and dangers are not going to be experienced. There are also a large number of people that go for tinting specifically for the sake of improved appearance of the vehicle.

The tint films come in many styles, warranties, qualities and shades. The process of determining which tint best suits the particular car may be confusing for many. It is thus important to know what one is looking for such as privacy, safety, UV protection, reduction of glare or heat reduction. It is also important to know the various types of tints and their characteristics.

One of the options that can be considered is the dyed tinting films that have layers of polyester combined with adhesive layers then glued together. There is no addition of metal, which means that it offers the darkest look when compared with other options. The main reason why people use this type of tinting is because of the appearance. It does not affect cell phone reception and reduces glare. It however offers no protection from heat.

There are the hybrid tint films that unlike the versions with dye, have metals added into the layer. The metals are good when it comes to reducing the quantity of heat getting into the car. It mostly comes in the charcoal color and is best liked for its ability to reduce heat, crisp appearance, reduction in fading and protection from UV.

Tints made from carbon are among the best in the market. They consist of the positive aspects of hybrid and dyed tinted films. They are capable of blocking over 40 percent of infra red heat, much higher than what other materials can manage. They are also durable and have no metals.

The film that provides the most advanced technology, best performance and style is the crystalline version. They offer a multilayer optical film technology that combines over 200 layers in a film. The film is thinner than a piece of paper. The films are clear in color.

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