Car Servicing In Torquay – Why You Should Book One Now

July 20, 2014

MOT failures have reached a record high for cars and small vans. In a recession it is tempting to cut costs by not getting your car serviced, but to do this is would be false economy. Servicing is necessary for the safety and durability of your car and will save you money in the long run.

Cars are expensive to buy and there are many costs involved in running them, but regular car servicing helps maintain your vehicle, which in turn can help reduce the costs of wear and tear as your car will run more efficiently. By keeping it in good condition you are more likely to get a better price for it when you come to sell it.

What A Car Servicing In Torquay Involves

With cars becoming more advanced in their technology and systems, we are still not at a point where cars maintain themselves. A service is in fact a lot more involved than what it was a few decades ago. A specialist MOT and car servicing centre is the ideal place to take your vehicle as it will be fully equipped and expertly run so that your car will be back on the road in no time.

Safety is a crucial factor. By identifying faults early on, they can be fixed before they turn into a dangerous problem, or an expensive one. Even some of the most minor checks and adjustments carried out in a service are vital to your car’s safety. It also means that your vehicle is more likely to pass its MOT.

A car servicing includes but is not limited to the following:

* Fluid level check or change

* Air filter and spark plugs cleaned or replaced

* Brake pads and battery condition

* Check for leaks from the radiator, water pump and other areas

* Suspension and steering alignment

* Tyre pressure and tread

* Oil or exhaust leaks

* Any signs of corrosion

* Check seat belts and lights are working correctly

A car service should be seen as being as essential as an MOT. As highlighted above, you can save yourself greater expense in the long run by keeping on top of your cars maintenance. Different levels of service are available, so pick the highest level you can afford.

To find out more about a reliable service centre for MOTs and car servicing in Torquay , see the Newton Road MOT Centre website. Testimonials regarding their MOTs and car servicing in torquay can be found on their site also.

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