Buying Recycled Metal Engagement Rings

July 4, 2014

There is a transformation in thinking taking place when it comes to rings. Trends are being driven by a desire for something different and a growing commitment to taking care of our world. Recycled metal engagement rings are becoming the item of choice by those who do not feel right about choosing a symbol of love and commitment that has been created by causing human and environmental damage that lasts for generations.

As the demand for such items increases, so the range of choices grows. There are a number of jewelers who are also increasingly moving towards more ethical, sustainable practices in the jewelry industry. They are committed to sourcing different metals that have already been used as well as stones that are either created in a laboratory or sourced according to fair trade principles.

There is no legislation yet regarding recycling in this industry. This means that it falls on the consumer to make sure that claims being made are authentic. They should not just believe every claim that is made when marketing products. It is important to be able to establish the ecological footprint of a piece and there are jewelers that offer certification of this by third parties.

Mining for gold displaces tons of rock and creates serious toxic pollution, as does mining for platinum and silver. For those who are environmentally conscious, this is unacceptable. They would rather purchase items made from metals that have not been newly mined. These metals are obtained by jewelers from existing items, electronic components and those used in industry.

There is no difference between fresh metal and that which has already been used and is then reduced back to its original state. The quality is identical. It is important to realize this as even though individuals may be committed to ethical practices and protection of the environment, they should not have to sacrifice quality. After all, it is essential that an engagement ring is made to last. Metals like yellow gold and platinum all offer this durability.

Trends are also changing when it comes to the stones found in such a ring. It was traditionally regarded as important to have white diamonds. However, this perception is changing, particularly as people are increasingly aware of human rights violations and environmental damage involved in obtaining these diamonds. There are now a variety of other choices, from conflict-free diamonds to vintage pieces and non-traditional stones.

Moissanite is a substance was first discovered in a fallen meteorite but is now produced in laboratories. It has become a popular alternative to diamonds as it is hard, comes in many colors and has a brilliant shine. Amethysts, sapphires and rubies are other stones that can also be created in laboratories or sourced according to fair trade principles.

It seems wrong for many couples today to wear a symbol of their love that is tainted by the means used to create it. They are increasingly choosing to opt for eco-friendly rings that can be worn proudly. Fortunately, the range of such items is increasing all the time. Many stores are found online, offering beautiful selections. Some of these stores offer customization too, whereby unique, original pieces can be created from sketches.

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