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July 15, 2014

Men and women in ancient Egypt, Greece and Africa wore cuffs on their wrists long before fashion icons adopted them as part of their signature styles. They have had surges of popularity over the years and are currently on trend, appearing on catwalks and the wrists of celebrities. Beautiful cuff bracelet collectibles can be purchased from many online sources today.

These accessories are an important asset in the wardrobe of any woman. They offer an uncomplicated way of transforming a simple outfit and pulling a whole look together. This can be done in one easy step, rather than fussing with trying to combine many items of jewelry to create a look. Cuffs are so eye-catching that it is better to pare down any other jewelry when wearing one. They also look best when worn with clothing that does not distract from the impact by being too busy.

One of the best features of these accessories is their versatility. They can be worn to the office, out in the evening or on just about any other occasion. An outfit can easily be transformed from day wear to evening wear. They can also be worn in any season. In summer, for example, a solid gold band looks stunning on a beautifully tanned arm.

All kinds of materials, both natural and synthetic are used to make cuffs. Precious metals like gold and silver, semi-precious metals and natural ones like leather and wood are all used. Materials are often combined too, like those using a combination of metal and wood or silver and gold.

There is such a wide range of styles available for purchase that it is relatively simple to find something that compliments your particular style. If you are looking something more edgy, there are many leather bands with studs, spikes and skull accents. The tribal look is popular today and this style usually features natural materials and semi-precious stones.

Solid bands have always been popular but the latest trends reveal many delicate looking, open work designs too. These are lighter than the solid bands and have intricate details which provide interest. For example, a silver floral lace pattern shows exquisite detail and looks wonderful with the vintage styles so popular today.

It is important for cuffs to fit properly so they are comfortable to wear all day. They should rest just above the wrist bone and be just a little bit on the loose side. You need to pay attention to the width and the weight as well. If you have long arms, then you can carry off a wide cuff. However, if you have short arms, a narrow width will be much more flattering.

Having a collection of cuffs in your wardrobe offers versatility and the ability to make a statement without any fuss. You can easily transform day wear into evening wear by adding a sparkling band to your wrist. You can jazz up the suit you wear to the office with an elegant gold band. There are so many designs available for purchase that you are sure to find pieces that not only make a statement but compliment your personal style perfectly.

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