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July 17, 2014

When a person is looking to sell himself or herself in a social setting, presentation is everything. Whether they are going to meet someone for a blind date that was set up by a good friend or a job interview of a lifetime, it helps to look good. What many tend to overlook is that cheap neck ties look just as good as those sold in high end retail stores.

Coordinating an outfit is not hard. Some say it is easier for men than women, perhaps because the latter may face more scrutiny in a social situation. However, making colors work is simple and can even be fun with the right accessories.

Knowing things like physical attributes and the occasion can make a difference. For instance, not all meetings are formal as a short sleeve button down shirt may be acceptable. As long as bottoms are neatly pressed, a tie may bring life to the ensemble. However, if the weather is extremely warm or it is industry standard to not wear a suit, then this may be a good choice.

If there are body parts that a person wants to conceal, they may consider longer sleeves in a button down shirt that is slightly loose fitting. Though white is a safe color to choose and goes with most neckties, it also shows stains. Shirts made from synthetic blend fabrics are a good alternative or a person can go with the next safest choice.

Some men are finding that pastels are also great color choices for shirts. Wearing a pink shirt was once unheard of and then it became a trend that never went away, even for those who are older or conservative in their clothing choices. When worn with dark grey or navy suits, the contrast of colors can make one stand out from the crowd.

Accessories may be worn to match and sometimes bring creativity to a wardrobe but the idea is to always be comfortable and feel confident. Wearing solid colors in ties is always the safe way to go, especially if they are wearing a patterned shirt. However, some like to mix and match patterns like a polka dot tie with a pinstripe shirt. Often these looks are great with a similar color theme but mixing should be done carefully.

Retro or vintage ties can also add life to an outfit. This fashion trend comes and goes for men and women. Sometimes fashion blogs or magazines can give hints as to what is in style now.

Nothing completes an outfit like a pair of good shoes. Though some people care more about labels and such, what is most important is the quality and cleanliness. While some people wish they could wear their house shoes for comfort, it helps to have something with a closed toe and appropriate heel. Sometimes women feel no outfit is complete without a high heel but if in cases where there is a lot of standing or walking, a nice pair of flats should be kept on standby.

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