Bring Color To Your Children’s Wardrobes With Naartjie Kids Clothing

September 7, 2014

Finding nice clothes for your children can be a challenge. Some clothing designers seem to think that kids will be perfectly happy in outfits make them look like little grown-ups. Others forget that kids run around and need comfortable clothes. With Naartjie kids clothing, however, your children can look stylish while still being kids.

‘Naartjie’ is the word South Africans use to describe a Satsuma or mandarin orange. It’s a small, sweet citrus fruit that is easy to peel and has a unique taste. Like the fruit, the clothes made by Naartjie clothing are hardy, sweet, unique and, most importantly, loved by children.

The clothing company has its origins in South Africa’s Cape Town in 1989. At first, the clothes were available only from a stall at Greenmarket Square, which is a flea market popular with Capetonians and visitors alike. In the early 1990s, a store was opened in the city’s premier shopping center, the Waterfront. It was a huge success and the company soon went international, with its headquarters now located in Salt Lake city.

Most children love colors that are bright and bold and the clothing brand fulfills their every desire. Many pieces are available in fruity colors like peach, bright orange, lime green or watermelon pink. Blues and more subdued grays and browns are often used too, especially in the boys’ ranges. Most pieces are made of pure cotton for comfort and bold patterns such as animals or flowers are often a feature.

Especially the girls’ clothing has a quirky, old-world feel. Leggings may have frills at the bottom, for instance, like something from Victorian times except that they come in bold colors such as orange. Tops and dresses are loose-fitting and flowing for comfort but are also very girly, with details such as frills and bows. Even baby clothes may be quirky, with a bright tutu attached to a onesie, for instance.

The only drawback of the brand’s clothes is that grown-ups can’t wear them. There are ranges for boys and girls, from newborns to 12-year-olds. The US stores also include ranges for girls aged 12 to 16 so that there’s a stylish alternative for tweens who don’t yet want to look like little women.

Most ranges include pants, T-shirts and tops and, for the girls, dresses. However, you’ll also find sleepwear and swimwear ranges. To complete the outfit, you’ll find accessories from shoes and sandals to the cutest sunhats and watches. Girls can also choose from bags and headbands. For babies, you’ll find adorable booties. Then there are also ranges of bedroom decor, with everything from pillowcases and sheets to mobiles for the nursery.

The best way to shop for your child is to take him or her along to your nearest Naartjie store. In this way you can ensure a perfect fit and that your child will like the outfit. Apart from those in South Africa and the USA, there are stores in Saudi Arabia too. Of course it’s not always possible to get to a physical store but the great news is that you can order online too, with Naartjie shipping to more than 200 countries.

When you are looking for information about Naartjie kids clothing, pay a visit to the web pages online today. Details are available at now.

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