Best Dodge Durango And Jeep Grand Cherokee Suvs Laptop Desks

September 29, 2014

Located in North America, Pro Desks is a reliable mobile computing solution provider online. With their twelve years of experience, they know which vehicle laptop mount product fit your needs. No matter what vehicle make and model you have, Pro Desks can find the right laptop mounting solutions for it. Car, truck, van, big rig, police vehicle owners all have found the laptop stands specially designed for their vehicle types. Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV owners can now find the right mobile computing solutions on Pro Desks online store as well.

These days many people bring their laptops with them. With the use of wifi hotspot, they can connect to the Internet and work wherever they go. However, using a laptop in a vehicle is not easy if you can not find any flat surfaces to put your laptop on. A vehicle laptop mount is needed in this case. Pro Desks features the four laptop stands which are named Navigator, Mongoose, Dominator, Enforcer II. These desks help turn your Dodge Durango or Jeep Grand Cherokee into convenient mobile offices.

The four new Pro Desks products for Dodge Durango/Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs share some advanced features. All of them are durable, powerful and reliable. Pro Desks laptop mounting solutions are often well liked since they’re worth customers’ investment. We’re going to check out some great features of these products.


Top quality steel is the main material to be used when the new laptop mounts were manufactured. All Pro Desks Dodge Durango/Jeep Grand Cherokee laptop desks are thoroughly field tested before being released. Since they’re made of high quality material, they’re strong and can be used in police vehicles and any extreme job sites.

Interchangeable Base Plates

Purchasing Pro Desks laptop mount products is a wise decision since this brings you economic benefits in the long run. Pro Desks laptop mounts all have interchangeable bases, which can be replaced easily when you buy a new vehicle. You buy Pro Desks laptop mount once in your life, and use it for any vehicles you have in the future. Pro Desks laptop stands are believed to be able to outlast many computers, many vehicles.

Transport Mode

Installing these laptop mounts takes you around twenty minutes. Vehicle owners can do the installation job themselves with a few hand tools. If they need any help, they can call Pro Desks directly. Pro Desks is always there to help. Transferring the system from vehicle to vehicle is totally possible. When you buy a new vehicle, you just need a new base, which is very economical.

Affordable Price Range

There are different prices for different Dodge Durango/Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV laptop mounts depending on the number of advanced features. Interested buyers can visit Pro Desks online stores to check out the features and select the right product to fit their needs and budgets.

For more information on Dodge Durango/Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV laptop stands, visit Pro Desks websites.

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