Be Trendy And Warm With Plus Size Wholesale Jackets

August 13, 2014

Women are obsessed with their figures. Some were really born lucky to have such good shapes while others were born to be just a little bit bigger than the rest. You could not blame them either because foods are simply irresistible. Everybody loves to eat, but no woman likes to gain weight. However, there are some that no matter how little they ate, they still grow bigger and bigger every day.

What suffers the most for these women is their clothing. It is very difficult to find clothes that will fit them, and if they do, the style is totally off. You may wonder now why style and size would not come together. However, you can make both ends meet. Even with a simple, totally unfashionable shirt, you can be trendy by wearing it along with totally cool plus size wholesale jackets.

Jackets are a necessity in the cold and winter season. Although jackets are primarily designed to keep you from the cold, you can wear it with style. Even extra sized women can dress up with jackets in a totally fashionable way. Do not let your size stop you from being playful with clothes.

They come in different fabrics, colors and styles. They are designed to add style, fashion and comfort to the one wearing it as good as possible. However, you should know when to use a certain type of jacket for a certain activity that you are planning to do. This is because style is of no use if you are not dressed properly for the event.

Non insulated, insulated and system jackets are the basic jacket types. If you want a light one, the type that does not add extra burden to you, then the non insulated suits you best. You can wear this type when planning on any activities outdoors. Soft shell are fit to be worn only in mild weather conditions and could be used as an additional piece of clothing when using a better outer gear.

But with activities requiring moderate energy in the cold, fleece would be better. Although shell only has a single layer of clothing and is light, it can protect you from being wet because of water resistant material. However, when used in worse weather conditions, these three needs to be covered up with a thicker and heavier outer gear.

The insulated types are designed to trap body heat to keep you warm. This type is best for activities that demand moderate to high energy in cold environments. The down insulated jackets are packed with the undercoatings of ducks and geese and are water and wind resistant to really keep you warm.

The last type that is the three in one system is a hybrid of both the first two types. It offers several layers that can be zipped together in very cold climate and unzipped to be used separately in mild climate. This has a waterproof outer material and a really good insulation inside. It is very convenient since you can use it in different weather conditions.

Keeping in style during the winter is good, but it should not be your priority. Comfort should always come first than fashion. Choose well what will keep you really warm and then decide for the style later on. Even with your size, you should learn to appreciate yourself and know that you deserve better and beautiful things, too. When it comes to fashion, the more unique you are, the more fashion you set. So do not mind what other people will say about you, as long as you are happy, go live your dreams.

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