Amazing Tips For Sparkling Auto Glass Cleaning

August 23, 2014

Usually, the car windows will be the one to take the beating from droppings, dirt, bugs, and many other debris that you can find on the road or even in the parking lot. If you cannot tolerate it anymore, then you better clean the said surface. Here are the best Jacksonville auto glass cleaning tips to follow to give your windows a sparkling shine without going to a car wash.

First, you need to find a cleaner. The cleaner you choose should not have any alcohol, ammonia, or other similar ingredients that could produce nasty toxic fumes. Of course, the reasoning behind that is obviously health concerns when inhaling the fumes. On the other hand, there is also the impact on the environment.

There is also another reason why ammonia is not an ideal cleaning product to use for your surfaces. This is because this ingredient is really incompatible with the car detailing. This ingredient together with its fumes will easily cause vinyl, plastic, rubber, and leather to completely dry out. It will just cause irreparable damages to your car interior.

Various types of towels are available for a person’s use in window cleaning. It is necessary for you to pick the right one since that can make a difference on the quality of the shine for your glasses. If you can, you should purchase the high-quality, window cleaning microfiber towels. It should have 300 GSM. Such towels can cause a clean shine on your surfaces.

You better clean the car’s interior first before you go to cleaning the windows and mirrors. These surfaces should be cleaned for last so that you can avoid any stray sprays to get into your freshly cleaned surfaces. Even if it is just on the microfiber towels you are using, you have to avoid getting stray sprays to them.

The buffing motion you will use when you are cleaning the surfaces with the microfiber towel should be another factor to bear in mind. A circular motion may look like it actively buff away the streaks for the windows. However, it is still better to use a straight back-and-forth and up-and-down down motion to ensure the cleanliness of the surface.

You should use one towel per swipe when you are already cleaning the window and mirror. The said towel should wipe the surface of the dirt completely. There will not be any residue left on the window and mirror when you use one towel per swipe. Of course, you should use another towel per window you plan to clean.

When cleaning, you should not put the window surfaces under the direct sunlight. Avoid cleaning during very hot weathers too, if you can. This is so that you can avoid the harmful fumes from the evaporated harsh liquid chemicals. If you inhale them in volumes beyond the tolerable level, they can give you serious health risk.

Overlooking anything while cleaning is a big no-no. It is necessary for you to look into every nook and cranny and clean them thoroughly. You have to specially remember the small edging areas that are located on top of the windows. The said place will be very dirty from the rubber lip so you have to ensure its cleanliness.

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