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September 15, 2014

Good music, as people say makes the world go round. Music that is good is different with everyone. This is because the taste of music is as diverse as the people themselves. Some prefer loud, others soft, some fast and others slow. However, top 40 music lyrics is a great place to find the hits that are loved by a great deal of people at a go.

There are different criteria used in classification of songs. Some of them include the year, the artist, country and genre. Based on the year, top 40 songs are the most popular songs in the given year. The time span may be different like a five year period or perhaps a decade. How about the most popular songs of the last century or better still, ever?

Based on artist you will find all the songs produced by a certain artist. This category is for musicians who have produced so many albums that you can choose their best forty. The best produced ever song lyrics are the best selling songs of all times. The genre classifies music according to the type and is the main category used to classify songs.

There are many genres of music including rock, RnB, rap, country or electronic. Top forty country songs are an all time list of all songs that belong to the genre country. Based on the country of origin, lyrics are classified from the country of origin. Songs from UK are classified as from the UK, there is from the US and also from around the world also known as International music.

More than one category can be used in classification. For instance, top 40 RnB songs of the last decade or best forty by the Beatles. Best forty love songs of 2010 will be all romantic and may be erotic songs released in the year 2010. Forty 2014 summer pop hits will be all the great pop songs that featured prominently in the summer of 2014.

The data for the best hits is compiled using real time sales. If a record is selling thousands of copies then it is likely a favorite of many people. Therefore it competes with the other such songs for a slot in the best forty. Sales of big tunes in iTunes are one of the places where this data is sourced from. Another source is the airplay that the song is getting. When you call in and request a song, the data is entered to a database.

The more people call to request the same song, the more popular it is and the higher slot it receives. Other criteria used for competition include digital downloads as well as streaming activity from sites like YouTube and Vevo. The more downloads a song has the higher it will rate on the list. A high number of views from YouTube also influence the rating of the lyrics.

Regardless of your favorite genre, top 40 is the place to get all the popular hits of your genre as it is based on popularity. And now if you want to influence your favorite song, you know what to do. Top 40 is however so dynamic and can change by the hour as more people listen and buy or download.

When you are looking for information about Top 40 music lyrics, you can go to the web pages online here today. Details are available at now.

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