All About Electric Bikes Toronto

August 31, 2014

Although they can look very similar to conventional bicycles, e-bikes have one very important advantage. When you get tired, you can continue riding your vehicle using battery power. Until recently, electric bikes Toronto residents ride within city limits were not allowed to use multi-use trails and bicycle lanes. It looks like things are changed. Now they can use bicycle lanes, although there are still some limitations.

If you live in the city, you know how inconvenient traffic jams can be. Sometimes it is easier to walk than to drive a car, not to mention parking. This practical hybrid of a standard bicycle and a scooter is a perfect solution for such situation. It is small enough to cut through the biggest traffic jam, it can be parked just about anywhere and can be pedaled or powered by batteries, according to your needs.

E-bike is lightweight and can be pedaled just like any other bicycle. The only difference is that you can simply stop pedaling and continue your ride using battery power. Maximum speed limit is 32 kilometers per hour, and it is actually perfectly enough for the city. If you don’t feel like pedaling any more, or get tired of it, simply turn on your battery power.

E-bikes are quite affordable, compared to gas powered scooters, lightweight, comfortable and easy to maintain. They make a perfect alternative to other vehicles in congested city areas. Thanks to the fact that you can ride them just like standard bicycles, you can easily get in shape. When you get tired, simply turn on your battery, and the problem is solved.

Bicycles are really convenient city vehicles, as well as scooters. Bicycles are much cheaper, but you have to be in a good shape. Scooters are quite practical as well, but not so environmentally friendly. Besides, scooters are much more expensive and you have to maintain them. Not to mention that they are much louder as well. E-bike offers the best combination of a bike and a scooter.

You can also buy retrofit kits that will transform your existing conventional bicycle into a power assisted vehicle. Both converted and original e-bikes mostly use 500 watt batteries. The cost of recharging these batteries is negligible, and it is no wonder that e-bikes become so interesting to consumers of all ages.

Another good thing about e-bicycles is the fact that you don’t have to have a license to ride it. You won’t even have to pay an insurance. Of course, you have to be at least sixteen, you need to wear the helmet and to respect the speed limitation, set on 32 kilometers per hour. It is perfectly the same as you were driving your bicycle, you just have some additional advantages.

E-bike will help you to get in shape and save you time and money. Most batteries will last for at least fifty kilometers without recharging. Some new models are much more powerful and can drive twice as much without recharging. The good thing is that you will never stay on the road without fuel, because you can always continue to pedal.

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