Akron, OH, Metal Band Ataxia – Band Interview

June 16, 2014

What are your songs about? (attempting to avoid any cliche) But in life everyone experiences setbacks and let downs, what keeps them going is how the individual chooses to deal with the problem. They can either accept defeat or move past the obstacle and take their life into their own hands. Each person is responsible for their own path and we are trying to promote the fact that when you go down, be ready to fight to get back up and succeed.

Having dealt with many of these experiences as a band already, we feel the topic hits us all more personally and is therefore more enjoyable to write about. It serves as a release in way. Plus the themes themselves are relatable by anyone with a beating heart.

What is your genre? We get asked this question all of the time. Instead of limiting ourselves to one magnified genre, we like to write what we think sounds good and what everyone in the band is vibing off of depending on our mood. Some songs are heavier than others, some are more passionate. If you want to throw it in a genre call it metalcore.

What are some of your band biggest influences? Musically, it would have to be As I Lay Dying, After the Burial, A Day to Remember, Slipknot, and Parkway Drive. Lyrically, the challenges we as a band face every day.

What has been the biggest challenge as a band? The challenges we face grow and change every day and are defined in one word: balance. We all have many priorities ranging from school, jobs, athletics, so finding time for the band can sometimes be difficult. We are trying to progress as much as possible and that can only be done if everyone in the group in on the same level with our priorities. We like to call it “good stress.” It keeps us moving and also in check.

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