Accessories For Horse Trailers Make Hauling Safer And Easier

August 17, 2014

No one really enjoys hauling horses from one place to another. There’re lots of things that can and do go wrong with the process, ranging from animals who don’t want to load to forgotten necessities that make achieving whatever got you on the road in the first place impossible. However, since you can’t ride everywhere you want to go, loading up is the answer. Accessories for horse trailers make everything safer and easier – and they’re also make it more fun.

A trailer jack keeps a flat tire from becoming a crisis. Since trailers have dual wheels for safety and stability, some smart person thought of mini-ramps to cradle the good wheel and lift the flat off the road. You don’t even have to unload the horses. All you do is drive or back the trailer onto the ramp, set the emergency brake, and you’re in business. The whole process takes about twenty minutes.

Of course, you need all the regular tools, like a screwdriver to pry off the hubcap, a tire iron to loosen the nuts, and a spare tire. In fact, many people carry two spares, especially if they’re traveling on rough roads or for long distances. A tool box is indispensable.

There are lots of other handy things for keeping your traveling tack room organized. Check out trailer-door caddies. These are similar to the ones people use in closets or for bathroom and kitchen supplies. There have handy pockets and pouches for grooming tools, liniment, or other small things best kept ready to hand.

Controlling the chaos is much easier with things like secured tack boxes. There are also cabinets, shelves, and bins you can install to keep everything in its rightful place. Saddle and bridle racks hold tack off the floor; they’re nice for keeping multiple sets of tack separate.

Those of us getting along in years know that climbing up into the tack room may require a free hand to haul ourselves up. A great alternative is a lightweight mounting block that doubles as tack room steps. The block is a handy seat, as well, for pulling on boots, cleaning tack, or just taking a breather.

Since your trailer is a major investment, you’ll want it to last for years and still function well and look good. Manufacturers have all sorts of replacement parts. If you want to improve on the original design, there are air vents, window screens, extra-wide mirrors, and other gadgets. Informative videos online can show you how to keep things in good working order.

There are literally hundreds of accessories to make you and your horses safer and more comfortable when on the road. One way to learn about them is to peek around at shows and events and see what others are using. Another way is to browse through actual and virtual catalogs sent out or posted online by trailer supply companies.

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