Accent Outfits With Rhinestone Earrings

May 27, 2014

Part of building a complete outfit is choosing accessories that bring out the mood one is trying to convey. Through the additions of shoes, jewelery and hairstyle, a plain black dress may be transformed from conservative to sultry to festive in no time at all. The right design choice of rhinestone earrings can be most effective at completing the ensemble.

This is an accessory that can be extremely versatile. Depending on size, design and color, they can be very simple and understated or they may become quite the showstoppers. Whether in the form of studs, hoops, dangles or a more unique design, this type of jewelry has been used throughout the ages to accentuate the ears.

Rhinestones are a great way to create beautiful accessories. They can be made simply to add a pop of color, styled to be practically identical to valuable gemstones or molded into something completely unique. With such range, a jeweler can get very creative with their design ideas.

This type of stone can be made from several different materials including paste, plastic, glass and crystal. Each of the various mediums comes with its own set of pros and cons. Because of this versatile nature, there are products made in this style that are appropriate for people of all ages and tastes.

The products made from paste and plastic are on the lower end of the quality scale. These are primarily used in making children’s jewelry, for crafting projects and other items that do not require a very realistic appearance. These materials do not have the ability to refract light so the gems made from them do not have any actual sparkle, though they can be made in very vibrant colors of all hues.

Glass is a mid-range medium in all aspects including quality, clarity, color and price. Items of this type are more durable than their plastic or paste counterparts, they hold color well and though they can not reflect light on their own, a small sparkle may be achieved by applying a metallic backing. These stones are generally used for costume jewelry and more advanced projects.

Stones of the best quality and highest clarity are formed from lead crystal, which can be cut in such a way that the finished product can be so like a genuine gemstone that only the trained eye can tell the difference. Part of what makes these so impressive is that they do have natural refractive properties which generate an amazing amount of sparkle. They are more expensive than the other choices, however they are an affordable way to get the look of authenticity without the high price tag.

Regardless of the type of stone one prefers to use, the range of design possibilities is virtually endless. Whether the gems are used to accent another material or if they function as the focal point of the piece, they can easily bring an outfit together for a finished look. Because of the various substances used to create them, there are products that will fit most any budget, complement the full gamut of fashion preferences and satisfy even the most those with high quality expectations.

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