A Summary Of New Anime Trailers Set For Release Next Season

September 11, 2014

The animation season is set to open in a few months. Enthusiasts are in for great titles. The new anime trailers offers a sneak preview of what to expect so that you are not disappointed for waiting or miss an exciting release. It gives the storyline, characters and expected release dates.

Toei Robot is expected to release the Robot Girls Z. They come from the Mazinger Series and transform into bishoujo. The mystery is whether these girls will turn out to be good or evil. It is expected for release in January.

Space exploration lovers have Space Dandy to excite their season. It is a journey into the world of aliens and strange stars. You will encounter strange creatures and worlds that are yet to be explored. It perfectly combines science and fiction to create suspense.

Tonari no Seki-kun tells a story of two pupils playing an offense and defense game with their teachers in school. While one hides from the teachers, the other can see what he is doing. The anime released is ten minutes long but enough to arouse curiosity and anticipation for the complete movie.

Wakeup Girls cleverly combines human characters and animation. It tells the story of a puzzled group of girls looking for an answer to who an idol is. The actor who voices one of the animated characters doubles up as a human character on stage. It is set in Sendai, a republic in Miyagi Prefecture.

Noragami is the story of a girl from a well-up family whose quest is to rescue Yato from poverty, unemployment, poor diet and homelessness. The struggle also involves a fight against Ayakashi, beings that are believed to bring trouble to humanity. The story seeks to reveal the real character behind Yato.

Yokohama is the stage where Hamatora is set. The town is in a prefecture referred to as Kanagawa. The two investigators are ushered into a world of mysterious powers. Murasaki and Nice are not familiar with such powers yet they have to solve the mystery. This is what will keep you waiting for the full release.

Wizard Barristers Bennashi Cecil takes you several years ahead into 2018. The city is Tokyo where you will find human being living side by side with magicians. There is an interesting character called Bennashi who is a defense attorney for the magicians. It is exciting to learn about Cecil, the girlfriend and their other friends in the story.

The original Tensai Okamura series has produced Sekai Seifuku and given it an interesting storyline. The main character is a small girl whose aim is to conquer the world. Whether this will be possible is the mystery yet to be revealed by the full movie. The opening theme is done by Maaya Sokamoto in collaboration with The Band Apart.

SoniAni Super Supa Sonico is introduced by Sonico himself. The character takes different roles such as a model, musician, gamer and student. This creates an exciting story worth the wait. While some dates have been revealed, others remain a secret.

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