A Guide On Choosing Car Door Guards

June 5, 2014

The world markets are full of unregulated products in terms of quality standards and support. However, one can opt for a rather customized product by engaging with the manufacturers and the dealers. The accessories could be customized to fit your specifications, or otherwise enhanced. Most car guard products are particularly bought for either protection or for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of our vehicles. Whatever the reason, be sure to opt for the best car door guards.

The importance of the accessory is widely visible in car parks which are shrinking with the increasing number of vehicles. It protects our doors from dents and paint peels which may arise from hitting a relatively hard surface. The surfaces include other cars and walls in our parking garages. There is hence a dire need for protection, which necessitates investing in equipment that will go a long way in reducing these incidences.

Choosing a guard can be a challenging task since there are numerous products in the market for this purpose. One needs to consider several factors when choosing the item, including how long you wish to have the protector stay on your car and how it will impact on the appearance of the vehicle and the kind of damage you wish to protect your car from.

The method to be used in attaching the gadget largely relies on the type of the protector. They are often named after these techniques, as either stick on car, magnetic or suction cup protectors. They are the defining characteristics behind each and every type.

Stick-on- car guards stand out as the most profound type and method. They are readily available, in different colors make, with the most common among them being the stick-on-car door-edge protection. Their installations are relatively easy and have a profoundly durable life, emanating from their adhesive material component. Their use is particularly crucial on door edges as it protects them from dents and paint peels resulting from friction with other surfaces, including other vehicles and walls. The type is long lasting, with a less frequent history of replacement.

Magnetic protection is another sort of technology employed. It does not rely on the adhesives and is fairly temporary form of protection. The main component used is the magnetic materials especially from the earth. The substances are often coated with silicon rubber to cut contact with the vehicle paint. Cleaning is easy with this method, hence most preferred method on the short run. However, the method does not apply to cars with non-magnetic surfaces.

Suction cups are also used to some extent. However, the method is unreliable due to the tendency of the cups to fall off sooner the expected. All in all, they are capable of deflecting and even absorb shock. Their use is rampant in windows.

The choice of protectors is solely depends on the impact you wish to avoid. Protection of the edges would most likely require you to use the stick on car door edge protection while the other surface may need that you incorporate other methods like the magnetic protection. You may however use more than one method to achieve the best desired results.

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