A Brief Review On Enforcer II – The Latest Vehicle Laptop Desk By Pro Desks

June 3, 2014

If you’re looking to buy a vehicle laptop desk, you may be confused about which model to choose from among various options in the market. Before purchasing anything, consumers nowadays tend to do some quick research on the Internet to find more information and also the feedback from other previous customers. In this post, we are going to take a closer look at the Enforcer II, one of the latest mobile computing products by Pro Desks.

Pro Desks is a well-known firm in the online mobile computing market. Their twelve years of experience in this business have helped them gain the necessary reliability and popularity. The products they provide can virtually fit well with any vehicle makes and models. Enforcer II is the latest mounting system they introduced to the Canadian and American markets. The Enforcer II is rated to be one of the most advanced laptop desk available.

The first nice feature of this product is the adjustable top. With this great top, you can store laptops of all sizes without any difficulties. Installing and removing the Enforcer II is also very simple with thanks to its interchangeable base plate. The advanced feature of the base saves you money since you will not need to purchase another laptop mount if you change your truck model. Just change the base and you are good to go.

The Enforcer II features a powerful telescoping pole size and an articulating arm, making it easy for you to turn the laptop mount from side to side. Finding the appropriate work position with this laptop desk can not be simpler.

The height adjustable main pole allows you to bring the vehicle computer mounts desktop position up or down ensuring you a perfect fit. If you have a larger console you can bring the articulating arm up and over, any configuration can be accomplished. Pro Desk Enforcer II is a product for serious applications.

Using laptop while the vehicle is moving raises a risk to your laptop. The bumps and vibration on the road can make your laptop fall and damage. The Enforcer II comes with four shock pads, absorbing any shocks and vibration, ensuring your laptop be in good conditions. The locking knobs of this mounting system helps prevent your laptop from falling to the floor.

Pro Desks is a reliable mobile computing provider. They provide up to three year warranty for the products they sell. Other providers give only thirty days warranty. Installing this laptop desk can not be simpler. You will not need the help from any professionals to get the job done.

Pro Desks provides up to three year warranty for their products. Once being installed into your vehicle, the Enforcer II will perfectly fit and still allow spaces for your passengers. Your passenger can work on the laptop comfortably as well. Beside the Enforcer II, Pro Desks has some more recommended laptop mount models such as the Mongoose, the Extreme, the Navigator. For more product information, you can visit their official website stores.

Pro Desks has stores in both Canada and America. Their latest vehicle laptop desk store targeting American market is the Prodesks.us. For more product information, feel free to visit their websites.

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