January 18, 2019

A damaged or very old automobile is an asset that you can get some good money out of. This will be possible if you locate the best junkyard to deal with. There is a process that you have to go through for you to get cash for wrecked cars. The mentioned are crucial points you should read about if you want to get some money at the end of the process.

You first need to search for junkyards that are within your area. Use the yellow pages to know the number of yards that are near your location for you to select one. Take a step of calling a number of junkyards and tell them that you possess an automobile that you want to trade. They will request you to provide details about the automobiles damage, its make and model and other crucial information they may need.

After you have provided a junkyard with all the information they need they may or not be interested in your offer. You may be told to bring it for an estimate. Avoid such junkyards as it will simply add to the overall costs of selling it especially if one has contacted a number of them. The information you provide them helps them in providing you with an estimate.

When you have called different yards, the next step is to do a comparison of the offers. Doing this helps you to pick on the best one. Before you take the vehicle, ensure you prepare it. During preparation, remove anything that is valuable. Check the seats, boot or any other place that you normally keep valuable items as you will never get them back.

The personnel at the junkyard will inspect your automobile before agreeing to do business with you. If it is indeed as you described it, you should be offered the amount they promised over the phone. If you left out something while explaining the condition of the automobile, try mentioning it as you negotiate the price since you may be lucky. You may be provided with cash or a cheque as per your agreement.

Ensure that all the documents you need for the sale are ready. Most of the yards will require you to give them the title of your vehicle. This helps to prove that you are the actual owner of the automobile. However, if one does not have the title, they may still sell it as long as they get to show that they own it.

Get to know the yards protocol regarding purchasing of damaged cars. There are some that will disassemble the vehicle on their own whereas others may request you to do so that you save them time. You also need to know if they will pay you more if you bring the car to the junkyard on your own versus them coming for it.

You are required to give back your license plates after trading the vehicle. The regulations on returning the automobile vary from one state to the other when returning it to the Department of Motor Vehicles. You can request the junkyard for details on how one can get their plates back.

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